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Alaska Gilliland's
A Brief Family History


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A Brief Family History
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How we all got here...

The Gilliland's trace their history back to the Highlands of Scotland.It is recorded that a William Gilliland took part in a battle in 1676 between forces of the King of England and the Scotch. The king won and "Willy" had to flee for his life. He landed in the Northern part of Ireland.
Is John Gilliland(1662) of Scotland Williams brother or cousin? Let the Clan know if you have info either way...
From Norman Waddell: Clan Gilliland of Ohio

On this page I'll describe our family's roots.

John or James Gilliland was born about 1638 (probably in Edinburgh, Scotland). John Gilliland (Iain MacGill'fhaolain) of Scotland was born about 1662 in Scotland. He probably grew up as a farmer and learned the leather trade as he went along. The story starts with the earliest mentioning of John in the Monmouth's rebels.

The Battle of Monmouth

Sample family crest; Actual size=135 pixels wide

The Edinburgh Castle


I may also include a map of the location of our family's origin

Ancient Scotland