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Lou's Soaps
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Our Products
On this page we will list all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

I make 2oz through 6 oz bars of soap.
I make them in differnt shapes as to the mood I am in.

Cinnamon Oil Shaving Soap Round
These bars are round, 2 1/2 inches wide at the widest part. Put it in your mug and you are aready for a terrific shave.
$3.00 a Bar

The Best Shaving Soap!
This shaving soap is probably one of the best that I make. It has a rich lather and gives a smooth shave. It has Cinnamon oil and Rhassoul Clay for that close and smooth shave.
This bar I made for women as it is easy to hold.
 $4.00 a Bar
Cinnamon Oil Shaving Soap

Lou's Soaps
Pearce Arizona