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My West Family
A Brief Family History
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How we all got here...

So far my info is leading me to believe that the West came from Ireland. Info is hard to come by and I am having a hard time proving most of my beliefs . So when I get new info I will get it here asap !!! I believe we had a name change and that makes it most difficult to trace. Also I believe we have some Indian and that is also hard to prove. But I will not be discouraged !!!

Sample family crest; Actual size=135 pixels wide

Here I will List some of the surnames In my family:

Here I might list all of the family names and variations I've found while researching my family tree.

The more I get into this , the more interest my kids show so as they get their sites up I will add them here.

If you are researching Akers, Hatfield , McCoy or Jackson go here....This is my daughter , Regina's site.

I may also include a map of the location of our family's origin