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Icie Bennett marries Jeremiah West in 1910 in Gilmer County Wv. Thei marriage record is the only record so far I can find to link them to Gilmer county, although Icie was born there as was my father.From what I have found Index is no longer a town but it was in 1910. According to the maps and history Index was actually in Calhoun County. But my father's birth cert says Gilmer county.

Icie was the daughter of Sylvester Bennett and Rohann Riddell, I dont know the date of Rohann's death but Sylvester remraries in 1897 and Ice was born in 1893 so she was 4 when her mother dies or her father remarries. From what I have everyone thinks that Susan Bennett is Icie's mother but that is not the case. My research on the Riddell's is very slow. When I do find something on that line I will post it.

I will put Roanna Riddell as the first wife of Sylvester but I still need to prove it so remember it may not be accurate at this time . I do believe she is Icie's mother from what I have found so I will put it on here that way and Susan as his second wife. As soon as I get the dates and places to go with these names I will get them on here. If you have any info to help please let me know.

William Bennett
Elizabeth Lee

Joseph Bennett
Mary Vernon

Joseph Bennett
Hannah Starnes

Jacob Bennett
Rachel Davis

Aaron Bennett
b May 1 1814
d mar 12 1899
buried Casto Cem Braxton Co Wv
m Aug 1 1838
Francis Margaret Racer

Labon J
George Gideon
Charles E
Hemelezam B
William M
Laura Virgina
Aaron Jefferson "Jeff"

Sylvester Bennett
b Dec 1845
m Oct 25 1866
Roanna Riddell Gilmer Co Wv

Elza b Dec 1869
Icie I b May 1893
There are probaby more children but as of yet I can't find them.

Sylvester Bennett marries Susan Bell McCartney Feb 7 1897.
she has one daughter from her first marriage
Dosia McCartney , according to the 1900 Census she was 15 yrs old.
Sylvester and Susan are both buried in the Fairview Cemetery, Calhoun co Wva.

Icie Bennett marries Jeremiah West March 20 1910 in Gilmer Co Wv. Children form this marriage are on the West page.
Most of this info is from secondary sources and I am working on getting the primary sources. Louise

New Info: 1880 census De Kalb, Gilmer Wv

Sylvester Bennett 35 yrs old
Roanna S Bennett 34 yrs old
William E Bennett, son 11 yrs old
George W Bennett, son 9 yrs old
Aaron L Bennett, son 7 yrs old
James L Bennett, son 5 yrs old
Laverna A Bennett, dau 1 yr old

The ages for Sylvester and Roanna are right but I have a son named Elza, born in 1869 that is unaccounted for. Icie was not born til 1893 so she will not show up yet. I am hoping this is the correct family. Any info ? Please contact me is you do. 12/18/01

This was told to my mother by my father:
He was 6 yrs old when his mother died and he remembered them finding her in her bed in a pool of blood. She was pregnant at the time . He thought she had taken something to lose the baby. All we know is that she died of massive bleeding in her bed. 12/18/01


Jeremiah West
Icie Bennett West
Sylvester Bennett
Susie Bennett

I just found out that there is no record of Icie's birth in Gilmer Co. So a looking I go....12/18/01

Ralph West Birth Certificate
Nov 11 1925 to Jerry O West(Jeremiah)
Icie I Bennett
Index Wv