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We have decided to move to the lower 48 to be closer to our parents. Hopefully we will be doing this in the spring but if our place here sells fast we may have to change our plans. Don't really want to travel thru Canada in the winter in the motorhome and hauling our stuff. Anyway, I won't be updating much, not that I have lately, but when we get setup where ever we end up I want to get back to my genealogy.  My email will be the same.  Lou


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I have put more pics of graves

I found out that Jeremiah and Icie are buried  in the Nobe cemetery beside James and Hester , they just don't have a headstone.

The more you look the more you find so please check out all my pages as there are several surnames here and links to others. My children's family's etc...Please feel free to contact me if you have any info or need to correct something I have. I will share anything I have as I feel it should not be info for a fee. All my files are in GedCom format . As I get new info I will get it on here asap!!!

I was recently contacted by a relative of one of Jeremiah's sister's. This is very exciting because we may get some new info and new pics. As soon as I get any info I will get it here..
Louise: 05/13/04 We just got back from a trip outside and I have put my new grave pics on my site.  Mom took us on a trip to southern Ohio where she was raised and pics of family graves. What a trip! I saw places where my family was raised and died and were buried. I have lots of pics of graves and will get them here soon.

Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. This site is an attempt to record what I've learned about our family history. In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of the goals of this web site is to help our family stay connected even though we live far apart.

The picture to the right is my grandparents .

Antique picture of a large family; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Jeremiah West
Icie (Bennett)West
Sylvester Bennett
Susan Bennett

I want to thank Karen for sending me this pic.

Click here to find a grave...

Go to Athens Co Ohio Tombstone Pics.

My husband's family published a book on his Kidd family and that inspired me to look into my history. Here I will list what I have found on my West, Bennett , Taylor and Gilliland . The West and Bennett are my father's side and the Taylor and Gilliland are my mother's side. Also if you have info about these lines I would welcome it. Louise West Kidd

The West came from Pa to Wv in 1889. It looks like they lived in the Trace fork area of the Bear fork in Calhoun county. Jeremiah left home sometime after 1900. I have a paper article where someone burns James barn in 1908.According to my findings Jeremiah was a oil worker but I don't think he went far from home. He married Icie in 1910 in Gilmer county. So he went next door to marry his honey. It looks like they set up house ther and had several childern ther, one being my father , Willard Ralph West.By this timew though they already had a few children. He was born in 1925 so he was a middle child? Well in 1931 Icie died and is buried in Nobe Wv . I believe the family moved to Parkersburg , as My father's social security app says . He was 13 and working for the local bowing alley there. I dont know the dates but Jeremiah remaried to a Maude Gabbert No children were born from this marriage although she had several childern . She was living in Logan Ohio . I do remember visiting her .I do remember all our family reunions and such but since three of the brothers died we no longer have reunions My father died in 1973 and his two brothers folowed him quit soon ,our family has grown apart.We used to go to Wv all the time but now I dont think any of the family gets together any more and what a shame cause ther is alot of family left to share.....

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